Encaustic was

These 2 images were created using encaustic wax and were displayed together recently at an exhibition showing 2 potential scenarios of the future of the planet from my imagination, one being highly colourful and the other being a sharp frozen contrast. The one on the left is entitled 'Freeze' and the one on the right is entitled 'Where in which world?' Both pieces have since been sold.

My name is Carrie Wareham


     I am a British artist currently living in Alnwick, Northumberland, UK. 

     I work mainly with Acrylic and Encaustic mediums, and more recently have incorporated Resin in my work. I am inspired by the richness, the colour, and the natural beauty of the middle east, having lived there for 30 years, together with both its traditional charm and more recent rapid growth. I love to experiment with different textures including dried food, sand and anything else that takes my fancy at the time. I don't usually start a piece with an exact picture in my mind, but work from whatever inspires me at the time which leads to a fantasy world of colour and form. 

Since moving to Alnwick, my art has taken a slightly different direction, now focussing on animals of the countryside.

     Many of my paintings are in private collections in throughout the Middle East, Africa and Europe and Australia and I have worked closely with several interior designers to produce signature pieces for their various clients on the Palm and other residential and hotel projects.

     I have exhibited at many places in the UAE including the British Embassy - Dubai, Pizza Express, Presotto and Mercato Mall,  More Cafe - Garhood, Reef Mall, Bur Juman Centre,  Art Oasis at Wafi City,  Index, World Art Dubai and numerous other venues. For 4 years I curated the work of other locally based artists including my own work at The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina. For 13 years I organised and curated the Arts and Crafts exhibits at Dubai International Jazz Festival.